TSC #1: Hervé Guibert

16 April–4 June 2016

The first Temporary Study Center (TSC) exhibition at Objectif focuses on Hervé Guibert’s extraordinary film from 1991, La Pudeur ou l’Impudeur. Commissioned by the pioneering television producer Pascale Breugnot and edited by Maureen Mazurek, the film was finished several weeks before Guibert’s death on 27 December 1991, and broadcast on French public television on 30 January 1992. The film is a profound meditation on the body and the self as well as on life at its limit, foregrounding many of the themes that haunt Guibert’s entire photographic and textual oeuvre, which he proposed as the creation of something ‘barbarous and delicate’.  

Hervé Guibert was a writer, critic and photographer, born in Saint-Cloud in 1955 and who died in Clamart in 1991. His numerous novels, essays and ‘auto-fictional’ texts constantly blur the edges of the real, singularly laced with homosexual desire. He was a passionate observer of the destruction of AIDS upon his body and those of his friends and lovers, and helped bring the epidemic to the attention a wider audience at a time when people infected with the disease were stigmatised. His photographic oeuvre, although lesser known than his writing, can only be seen in the context of his broader artistic project to reimagine how to represent bodies and affects across mediums, from text to photography, film and ‘daily life’.

With thanks to BQHL and Christine Guibert. TSC is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.