Memories of Montevideo: the Antwerp Avant-Garde Scene in the Early ‘80s, Part 1

16 June–10 July 2016

M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art
Leuvenstraat 32
2000 Antwerp

‘A meeting point for the national and international avant-garde.’ This is how Annie Gentils describes the non-profit contemporary art exhibition space she founded in Antwerp in 1981, along with Hugo Roelandt and soon thereafter Constant Peers. Until 1984, Gentils and Peers transformed Antwerp’s vast and unheated Montevideo dry dock into a hub for ambitious exhibitions and performances, and one of Belgium’s most progressive non-profit art spaces.

Through archival material, artworks, films and newly-produced video interviews, the exhibition seeks not only to draw attention to a remarkable episode of Antwerp’s artistic heritage, but also to raise the ever-pressing question of how best to nurture a cultural ecology that allows alternative spaces such as Montevideo to thrive.

Curated by Tirsa van der Kleij, Shana Peulinckx, Emma Priem, Jasper van Quekelberghe and Bram Vroonland – students in the Masters of Film Studies and Visual Culture, University of Antwerp – with video production by Chloé Dierckx.

Special thanks to Win Van den Abbeele, Guillaume Bijl, Sara De Bondt, Anny De Decker, Danny Devos, Luc Deleu, Liliane Dewachter, Chloé Dierckx, Paolo Favero, Annie Gentils, Sabine Herrygers, Marc Holthof, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Elisabeth Lemahieu, Stella Lohaus, Ludo Mich, Ria Pacquée, Johan Pas, Constant Peers and Guy Rombouts.

Memories of Montevideo is a collaboration between M HKA, Annie Gentils Gallery, Objectif Exhibitions and University of Antwerp, Master of Film Studies and Visual Culture.