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When I started the seminar ‘Curating and Exhibiting’ in February 2016 with almost no background information, I had never expected to work on a museum exhibition. I found it quite scary but also exciting, as I had no curatorial experience to fall back on. What followed was a thrilling roller coaster ride during which we gained knowledge about art, exhibition spaces, conducting interviews, and last but not least: Montevideo. I had never heard of Montevideo, so an exhibition entitled Memories of Montevideo required me to dive into this extraordinary place and its archive. Almost literally, since we visited the remains of the once majestic and vast space, which unfortunately has been neglected and all but destroyed except for its outer walls. The curating process allowed me to come into contact with the memories of the people who had experienced the particular atmosphere of the building first-hand. It also gave me an insight into the zeitgeist of the early eighties of Antwerp. I feel quite privileged to have been able to hear about the sometimes wonderful memories people have of the place, and hope that the exhibitions and this e-publication will allow visitors to share and enjoy these memories as well.

Photo: Jasper van Quekelberghe, third from right


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