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Welcome to Montevideo where horizontal is the new vertical, brute art and exotic tunes get along perfectly, and rain pouring from the ceiling is just a detail. The five-month seminar was a crash course on this whimsical yet progressive exhibition space, which culminated with the two INBOX exhibitions at M HKA. As an MA student I would never have guessed that we could curate such an exhibition. With help from our tutor we launched ourselves into Montevideo’s impeccably preserved archive. Finding a way to both revive the memories of the people involved during the 1980s, and evoke a feeling of nostalgia in the visitors still unfamiliar with Montevideo has been quite a task. In addition, translating the unique Montevideo atmosphere of the old harbor warehouse into the white cube at our disposal in the M HKA seemed, initially, almost impossible. A solely archival exhibition would have been too dusty and not done justice to the vibrant space it once was. However, the more we spoke to the people involved along the way, the more we realised how vivid their memories of Montevideo were. Recording those memories and combining them with the marvelous visual materials from the archive was the solution we had sought for. So here’s to you, Montevideo. The physical space might be torn down, but the recollections are as passionate and detailed as if it were yesterday.

Photo: Emma Priem, third from left


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