OBJECTIF EXHIBITIONS is a not-for-profit institution devoted to the presentation of contemporary art, supported by the Flemish Community.

Since 1999, when it was co-founded by Philippe Pirotte, Win Van den Abbeele and Patrick Van Rossem, Objectif Exhibitions has not wavered from its mission to produce compelling exhibitions, events and publications by artists, whether well- or lesser-known.

In 2007, under the directorship of Mai Abu ElDahab, Objectif Exhibitions moved to its present location in Kleine Markt. Chris Fitzpatrick succeeded Abu ElDahab as director from 2012 to July 2015.

Antony Hudek

Sara De Bondt studio

Sam Baldwin and Piper Haywood (SB-PH, London)

We are grateful for the support of

Win Van den Abbeele (president)
Herman De Backer
Steve Van den Bosch